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3 responses to “Professional Adventure Photography Is Lame”

  1. john flores

    Hey man, nice images and nice, thoughtful post. Making a dime with your camera IS a great way to make a dime, but it isn’t all puppies and unicorns, and taking photos for someone else is very different than doing it for your own pleasure. I know that I’m out there riding for a story, I’m constantly thinking about what photos to take, potential story angles, etc…I’m not riding like a tourist, but rather a photographer/writer on a mission. It takes away a bit from the “zenness” of motorcycle travel, but it’s my lot in life, and not a bad one at the end of the day.

    Your post adds some dimension to the discussion. Thanks!

  2. Scott

    Nice post. As you were saying, doing what you want to be doing and should be doing don’t always align. Which reminds me… ah. :)

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